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Equipment Finance

This is the core business activity for our company. We undertake the majority of the work ourselves with experienced staff available to conduct interviews, prepare your loan application and submit it to the lender, prepare security documents and arrange settlement of the contract.

Our service doesn’t stop there. We will then continue to provide information to you and your lender throughout the term of your loan. Copies of loan documents, invoices etc can be sent to you or your accountant, payout figures and letters can be obtained from the lender and be provided to you, changes to direct debits or updates to your personal details, telephone number, address etc., can be made on your behalf.

We can discuss the types of facilities available to you but always recommend you talk to your accountant before a final decision is made as to what best suits your requirements.

DLV FINANCE - Rockhampton & Bundaberg

Leasing is a relatively simple method of acquiring plant and equipment and other chattels for business use. The finance company actually purchases the goods and leases them back to you for an agreed term.

A residual value representing the market value of the goods at the expiration of the lease is set. This effectively reduces the monthly rental amount compared to paying the goods off in full over a similar period.

At the end of the contract most people simply pay the residual value out to take ownership of the goods or re-lease/refinance them for a further period.

GST is charged with rentals under this facility.


DLV FINANCE - Rockhampton & Bundaberg

Chattel Mortgage
This facility operates similarly to a traditional housing loan. You own the goods and mortgage them to the finance company. They will then fund the purchase price via a loan to you.

Balloon payments can be set similar to a lease residual value. Again this balloon can be either paid out or refinanced at the end of the term.

GST can be claimed upfront using this facility. You can either repay the GST to the loan as a deposit, pay it back when you expect your refund via you BAS or fund the full amount of the purchase, including the GST amount.


DLV FINANCE - Rockhampton & Bundaberg

Hire Purchase
Goods are owned by the finance company up until the time that the last rental is paid or the loan is paid out.

Once again you can structure your loan with a balloon payment to help reduce your normal payment amount.

GST is normally claimed monthly by small business operators, similar to a lease, with large businesses able to claim the full amount of the GST up front.


DLV FINANCE - Rockhampton & Bundaberg Rental
This is a simple way to deal with smaller equipment purchases.
You simply sign a contract to rent the goods for a set period.

At the end of the rental period you can either continue to rent them, can make an offer to purchase them or simply return the goods to the rental company.

Some contracts allow you to upgrade equipment during the term of the rental agreement making it an ideal way to deal with software etc.


DLV FINANCE - Rockhampton & Bundaberg

Debtor Factoring
This can be an effective way to fund business expansion, retire debt that takes your property as security or to pay out shareholder/beneficiary loans.

You simply “sell” your invoices to a factoring company for around 80% of the face value of the invoice. They provide funds almost immediately for you. Rather than waiting 30, 60 or 90 days for payment you enjoy the benefit of having funds on hand to meet your working capital needs, or to settle accounts early to enjoy beneficial pricing.

When the account is paid the factoring company pays you the remaining 20% of the invoice, less their fees. Normally if you haven’t received payment within 90 days of invoice date you will be required to repay the initial advance to the factoring company.

These facilities can either be on a disclosed basis to your debtors, where the factoring company notes their involvement to your clients, or on a non-disclosed basis where your invoices etc. carry no information about your arrangement.

A range of fees and interest rates apply. Normally no other security is required apart from a registered floating charge over your business assets with a fixed charge over you debtors. The factoring companies may accept a second registered charge behind your bank, leaving your primary relationship with your bank unchanged.

The facility can be available to companies, trusts, partnerships and sole traders.